8 desserts cannot be ignored in Thailand


Thailand is full of sweet desserts, and its vast array of options make it difficult to decide which ones to indulge in. Here, discover the top 8 delicious Thai desserts that you must try.

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Banana Leaf and Sticky Rice

Sweet coconut milk, sugar, black beans and sticky rice are all shoved into a banana leaf, making for one delectable dessert. Do not let this dessert’s strange exterior fool you; it is packed with plenty of flavor. The banana leaf wrapper makes it a great dessert to eat on the move.

Sweet Thai Crepe

These are great finger foods. You can get sweet Thai crepes fresh off the grill on almost every soi (street). These are usually filled with meringue, a thick cream made of egg whites and sugar; it is then topped with foy thong, which is shredded egg yolk.

Sweet Thai Crepe (via Wikipedia)

Coconut Rice Dumplings

This dessert is both delicious and adorable. Coconut and rice flour dumplings are cooked to perfection on hot grills. You can find these throughout Thailand with a plethora of street vendors serving up this tiny dish. These are usually topped with corn, green onions, or are served plain.

Thai Roti

You may have more fun watching this dessert be prepared than you will while eating it. Rotis are a signature dessert in Thailand and are great on-the-go snacks. You can find vendors grilling up this sweet dough on almost every corner, especially the areas of Thailand that have many tourists. This dough is slathered thick with butter before being slapped on the grill. You can add both toppings and fillings, including Nutella, bananas, chocolate and more.

Thai Roti (via Taste of Thailand Food Tours)

Coconut Ice Cream

This is the perfect dessert to chow down on in Thailand’s brutal heat. Most vendors have a wide variety of toppings to choose from, including peanuts, sweet corn and sweet syrups to drizzle on top. Oftentimes, coconut ice cream is served in your own personal coconut that has been scraped out, making room for the ice cream.

Thai Jello

Thai Jello is similar to Jello that you might find in western countries, however, in Thailand it is sliced up and usually covered with different toppings, such as shredded coconut. These squares are made with sugar, coconut milk and flour. This sweet, colorful dessert will melt in your mouth — enjoy!

Thai Jello (via Wikipedia)

Custard-filled Bread

If you like bread, then this is the dessert for you. You can find custard-filled rolls, hot dog buns and more in almost every market in Thailand. These buns are stuffed with different toppings, such as green tea flavoring or sweet, chocolate syrup.

Mung Bean Candy

These candies are almost too pretty to eat. Mung bean paste is sweetened and smashed into perfection before being glazed and formed to look like (usually) small pieces of fruit.

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