4 Best Thai Food for Kids in Bangkok

4 Best Thai Food for Kids in Bangkok

From famous noodle dishes to some typical Thai recipes that are less well known abroad, take a look at what we feel is 4 best Thai food for children in Bangkok.

Shrimp Cakes (Tort Mun Kung)

Think of a chicken nugget, but filled with succulent prawns and shrimps and deep-fried in a crispy batter. It is usually served with a sweet plum dipping sauce. Make sure to cut the shrimp cakes to let the steam out before eating because they retain heat for quite a while.

Shrimp Cakes (Tort Mun Kung)

Pad Thai

Thailand’s classic noodle dish, cooked in a smoking hot wok with a combination of beansprouts, onions, shrimp, tofu, and tamarind paste, then garnished with condiments like sugar, lime, chilli, spring onion and crushed peanuts. It’s a rite of passage to eat a Pad Thai while in Bangkok.

Grilled Chicken and Sticky Rice

This classic dish is found throughout Thailand, from street stalls to fancy restaurants: a grilled quarter of chicken, usually over coals for that smoky barbeque flavour. It’s instantly recognisable to children, so they should be happy to tuck into the thigh and leg of chicken with a sweet chilli dip and served with a handful of glutinous rice.

Pad Thai

Spring Rolls ( Bo Bia)

Loved by children all over the world, this pan-Asian dish is found in two varieties in Thailand: freshly rolled with soft rice noodle or deep fried for a satisfyingly crispy texture. The ingredients inside consist of shredded carrot, cabbage, beansprouts, leafy vegetables, chicken, egg, shrimp – most places will have vegetarian or meat fillings available. Again, ensure you let the steam out before giving to small children.


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